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It’s always an honour to receive an assessment of your works from fellow Musicians. The following comments were offered “in their own words” for which I sincerely thank them.

“John’s songs seem to exist in a space between worlds, revealing and abstract, like being gently guided back to the truth. I love them”

Elijah Wolf – The Gravity Drive

"True Musicans reach inside your soul and touch the common humanity that’s within us all. Love, Loss and Inequality – that’s John as a story teller and performer. Keep your tissues handy;  because I defy anyone to leave one of his gigs and be unmoved."

Joe Ratheram – Promoter & Conference Organiser Birmingham UK

“I first met John when I was running Music Events at Leif in Leamington Spa. I’m not supposed to have favourites but I was instantly taken with John’s music. The simple, yet completely original and clever way of adjusting to playing guitar was something I personally took lessons from.

With his poetic approach to lyrics and a personal touch to his story telling, John’s songs really do make you feel every emotion intended. My personal favourite – ‘I will be there to hold your hand’ – captured the audience instantly and ended with overwhelming applause from everyone present.

Keep doing what you are doing John. I was lucky to have met you and hear your songs and I hope everyone else enjoys them as much as I did.”

britannia close up.jpg

Callum Mckissock - River of The Dog

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